Disney XD’s Gold’s Gym: A Golden Age of Fitness

Disney XD has a new show on the way called Gold’s Gauntlet, which stars Anna Kendrick as a teacher who’s tasked with teaching her students how to be a “golden” weightlifter.

The show is part of Disney XD Network’s Golds Gym: The Ultimate Series.

You can find it on the Disney XD website starting February 19, 2017.

The series follows a group of girls (including Kaitlyn Dias, Alyssa Edwards, and Emily VanCamp) as they train to compete in the annual Gold’s Golden Age in their hometown of Fort Worth, Texas.

The program was created by Anna Kendrick, who wrote the pilot for the show, which premiered in 2016.

Watch the first episode of Gold’s Gold Gym below.

It’s about to get really weird:The show is set in the late 1950s and early 1960s, but it’s set in a different time period.

In the first two episodes, a group from the school are having a bad day, and one of them is trying to find out who is causing the problem.

The girls decide to take a trip out to the park and compete in a gold weightlifting contest.

As they get into the ring, they discover that they’re competing against each other, which means they’re not even lifting the same weights as each other.

The show’s creators, Michelle Foshee and Dan Graziano, have been a fan of the Golds Gold Gym since they were kids.

The duo created the series when they were still in high school.

They were excited to get to work on the show with Foshea and Grazio, and it was something they had always wanted to do.

The cast includes:Anna Kendrick as teacher/weightlifter; Kaitlin Dias as Anna’s teacher; Alyssah Edwards as Kaitlynn’s teacher/lifting coach; Emily VanCamps as Emily’s lifting coach; and Emily’s daughter Emily as Kaelin’s teacher.

The episode titles feature the words, “A Golden Age Of Fitness.”

Watch the opening sequence below:You can watch Gold’s Gate below.

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