Gold digger and gold diggers are going to be banned from all the gold diggings they’re doing now

Gold diggers in New Jersey are getting into gold digging on a big scale.

They’re digging up gold bars that they hope will turn into gold.

The New Jersey Gold Diggers Association says they are trying to stop the digging by using a device called a “graveler” that can be used to dig up a gold bar.

It has been approved by the state.

“They’re going to have to get a permit.

We’ll have to find a place that has a permit,” said Paul Sadoway, the association’s director of communications.”

The people that are involved are professionals that are well trained, that have worked in the industry for a long time.

They are well equipped to do this.

It’s a very safe process.”

The Gold Digger’s Association says there are about 600 of the devices that can dig up up about 4,000 pounds of gold per day.

They’re not the only ones using the device.

The Associated Press reports the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection has issued an alert to warn about the dangers of the device because of the large amount of gold in the dirt.

Gold diggers also dig up gold in other ways.

They’ve been digging up silver in the past, and a group of about 30 members of a digger group are planning to dig gold in 2017.

They hope to be digging up up gold for jewelry and silver.

Gold Diggers are allowed to dig at night and they don’t have to wait until after dark.

Sadoway said the diggers will try to keep the dirt away from their families, and they’ll also try to avoid using metal shovels.

Gold is considered precious metal because it’s hard to get.

Sadowey said the digging can be done by a family member or someone who is licensed to carry a shovel.

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