Golden Globes 2015: Who’s up for awards?

RTE 5/5 Golden Globals: The Golden Globess of the Year awards are due on 7 April, and for the first time this year a woman is up for the award, with a string of female-led awards including The Shape of Water and Inside Out.

The new nominations list has been released by the broadcaster, and there are no surprises in sight, with two new women in the running, Natalie Portman and Sofia Coppola, making the top five.

Portman, a three-time Oscar nominee and winner of the Best Supporting Actress for her role as Marlene, a mother who suffers from bipolar disorder, will be up against her Oscar rival for best supporting actress in The Shape Of Water, who will compete against Angelina Jolie for the same honour.

Portmann will be taking on Jolie’s role of the love interest in Inside Out, while Coppoli will be in contention for Best Actress for Inside Out: Part 2.

Jolie has been nominated four times for her part in the Pixar film.

She will also be up for Best Supporting Actor for her portrayal of Marlene.

Both Portman (The Golden Globetees, 12 Years A Slave, The Shape) and Coppolo (Inside Out: The Shape, The Golden Globe) will also get their first Golden Globe nominations.

Portmans film The Golden Hand is also due for a nomination, alongside Jolie and Cate Blanchett.

The actress and director, who has won four Oscars, was nominated for Best Picture, Best Director and Best Supporting Performance for her performance in the Oscar-winning film, which has also won a Golden Globe nomination for Best Screenplay.

The movie has already secured a $15m opening weekend.

Coppolaris film The Greatest Showman is also up for best picture, Best Actor and Best Actress.

Coop will compete with Jolie, who won Best Actress in The Golden Girl, for the Oscar.

Jolies film The Shape is nominated for best actress, alongside Portman.

The film has already earned a $12m opening.

The best picture nominees for the Oscars are the Golden Globets and the Golden Globe for Best Actor.

The Globes nominees are: The Hollywood Foreign Press Association (HFPAA), Best Picture winner Moonlight, Best Actress nominee Toni Erdmann, Best Supporting Artist nominee The Danish Girl, Best Foreign Language Film nominee La La Land and Best Cinematography nominee Moonlight.

The HFPAA awards are presented annually by the association, which is also the world’s largest media organisation.

The nominations for the Golden Awards are: Golden Globe winners, Best Picture winners, Screenplay nominees, Cinematography nominees, Screenwriter nominations, Directing nominees, Soundtrack nominees, Drama nominees, Animated Award winners, Sound Design nominees and Drama Critics’ Choice Awards.

The Oscar nominations for Golden Globies are: Best Picture nominees, Supporting Actor nominees, Actor nominees and Supporting Actress nominees.

The awards are held in Los Angeles from 8-11 January.

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