Golden Labrador retriever goes to jail for allegedly throwing watermelon

Golden Labrador Retriever Dies After Being Found in the Pit of a Pit in New Jersey article A Labrador retriver was found in a pit of a pit in New York after he was allegedly thrown in it.

A spokesperson for the New York City Animal Services Agency told ABC News the dog, named Golden Labrador, was taken to a veterinary clinic in New Brunswick, New Jersey.

He is expected to recover.

The Pit of the Pit was closed on Tuesday after the dog was discovered.

The pit is located on the grounds of the Bronx Zoo, and is not owned by the zoo.

The spokesperson told ABC New York that Golden Labrador was “found in the pit of the pit.”

The Pit is located behind the Bronx zoo and is closed to the public.

Golden Labrador’s owners were not immediately able to be reached for comment.

The dog was reportedly being transported from New York to the Bronx where he will be euthanized, according to the New Jersey Department of Environmental Protection.

The zoo said in a statement that the dog “suffered from dehydration and hypothermia.”

The Bronx Zoo is owned by a group of people that includes Golden Labradors owner and trainer James J. Bowers, who has been with the zoo since 2008.

The dogs were born at the zoo in 2014.

Bower told ABC news the animal was taken out of a kennel for “medical treatment.”

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