How much gold is in the stock market?

Gold is one of the biggest currencies around, and gold prices have been soaring in recent months.

But the gold market is only a fraction of the $2.5 trillion market.

How much is there in gold?

The U.S. Department of the Treasury said Thursday that it has more than $1.8 trillion in gold in the Federal Reserve’s holdings.

It also said the Federal Open Market Committee, which sets the benchmark interest rate, has kept the benchmark yield on gold at a low level for more than a decade.

It was at a record low of 2.14 percent in August.

But it rose to 2.19 percent Wednesday.

And the gold price, which is a measure of the price of gold, is up more than 8 percent so far this year, as investors have been buying more of it.

But a big factor is the fact that the dollar is losing its luster.

In September, the dollar rose to a record high of 98.5 against the yen.

Now, it is down to 89.25 against the euro.

The dollar is up about 15 percent since the start of the year, and the euro is up nearly 20 percent.

Gold is now more valuable than the dollar at about $1,200 an ounce.

That’s down from a high of $1 by the end of the financial crisis in 2008, when the U.K. and the U,S.

traded for nearly $1 million a pound.

Gold and other precious metals are also more expensive than other commodities, especially for those who buy them as investments.

So it’s not a good sign for gold if the price is going down.

Still, some analysts say gold prices are going up.

A Bloomberg survey of about 100 traders, including those with $100 billion to $500 billion in assets, found that investors were holding on to more gold.

They also were buying the metal because of its strength.

Gold prices are a good gauge of the gold supply in the U.

It’s been going up for quite some time, and I would say gold has been overvalued by a factor of two or three.” “

Gold has been up pretty much all year, so it’s certainly not in trouble.

It’s been going up for quite some time, and I would say gold has been overvalued by a factor of two or three.”

But a recent report from the International Monetary Fund suggested that the global economy could be adding about 1.5 million jobs per month by 2020.

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