How the new RTE show ‘Romeo and Juliet’ will have its own golden era

It’s the sort of season the RTE has been looking forward to since it began production on ‘Rise of the Guardians’, but in an era when many viewers are on the move, the broadcaster is confident that the drama will deliver a big return on its investment.

“Rise is a hit.

It’s a very big hit,” said John O’Callaghan, who was the director of programmes at the broadcaster when it was making the first film, ‘Rize’.”

And it’s also a show that’s going to be very popular with the audience.

And if we can do something to bring it back, then that’s a good sign.”

The new series will also be a return to the theme of the past.

It will explore the relationships of Romeo and Juliet in a more contemporary setting and will also see the show return to its roots as a romance.

“We have this new story that’s set in Rome in the middle of the war and the rise of the republic, and we’ve got this new show where Juliet and Romeo are in love,” said O’Connor.

“It’s a show set in a modern day setting.”

And we’re going to see a lot of the romantic elements return.

And so that’s really going to open up that world to the audience, and they’ll have a lot to talk about.

“While the new series is a return of sorts to the original RTE series, the story will not have been written by David Mitchell.

The series is expected to be released in 2019.”

While RTE said it was pleased to get back into the game, it said it wasn’t worried about its future.””

There’s a great deal of continuity with the original show and I’m very pleased to have been a part of it.”

While RTE said it was pleased to get back into the game, it said it wasn’t worried about its future.

“What we’re very aware of is that this new series has a lot in common with the classic RTE period drama, which was a very different time and a very new genre,” said a spokesperson for the broadcaster.

“As with all our shows, it will continue to evolve, and as we move into the future, there will be opportunities for RTE to look at its future and what it could do to improve.”


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