How to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Golden Gods

In a city that has seen its share of celebrations, there is an annual celebration of the golden gods.

The Golden Gods are a series of gods that have appeared in several ancient Chinese stories, including the stories of the Taoist Huang-shan and the Chinese hero Zhao-hsin. 

A golden statue of a man, named Zhu-yu, was carved into the side of the Great Wall of China by Emperor Wei in 1483.

This was the first time a Chinese emperor had built a wall, and it is estimated that the first Chinese monument to the Golden God was built in Beijing in the 16th century. 

In 2017, Chinese state media released an article which reported that there had been two golden statues erected in the capital of Chongqing, China.

According to the article, the statues were commissioned by Chongqigong County, the capital city of Liaoning province, to commemorate the Chinese goddess Wu. 

The statues depict three men wearing golden robes and golden masks.

Wu, the goddess of war, was the patron deity of the city, which became a center of Buddhism in the 19th century and was named for its historical centre. “

The statues will be placed on a stone platform next to the city hall and they will be lit with torches at night so that people will have a better view. 

Wu, the goddess of war, was the patron deity of the city, which became a center of Buddhism in the 19th century and was named for its historical centre. 

Her statues were found at the end of a long road that traverses the city. 

According to the Chongguan County Government website, the first Golden Gods statue was dedicated in the city in 1883, and in 1919 it was the second one erected in China. 

Today, there are about 30 Golden Gods statues in China, including a statue of the mythical Wu that has been located at the foot of the ancient wall of the capital.

 While it is not clear if there are plans for the next Golden Gods monument to be built in Chongzhou, the city has already seen several attempts to erect statues of the legendary figures.

In 2019, the Chongjiang City government unveiled the first statue of one of the seven Golden Gods to be erected.

In 2015, the Beijing Olympic committee also unveiled a statue to commemorate a legendary figure, Wu Xing-ping, who was the son of Wu-ming, the daughter of Wu Shang-shu.

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