How to tell the difference between gold and silver jewellery

Gold and silver are both made of precious metal.

Gold is typically found in gold and platinum, and silver is typically used in gold-plated jewelry.

But what does the difference really mean?

Gold and silver aren’t made of the same stuff, says gold expert Benjamin Binder.

“Gold has more physical properties than silver, and gold has a better electrical conductivity,” he says.

“[But] silver has more chemical properties than gold, and therefore, it’s not always as shiny and bright as gold.”

Gold can be used in jewellery, jewellery accessories and even everyday household items, says Binder, but it’s much harder to find high-quality, high-grade gold and it’s usually only found in the rarest of locations.

Silver, on the other hand, can be found in small quantities in the world’s gold reserves.

“It’s more widely used, and there’s a lot of demand for silver jewellers.

But it’s very difficult to find silver,” he explains.

Gold has an even higher electrical conductive value than silver.

It can be sold for as much as $US40 per gram.

It has higher magnetic properties than aluminium and it has a greater hardness.

The gold and copper used in silver jeweller’s rings and other jewellery is also less reflective than gold.

Binder says it’s a trade-off between durability and aesthetics.

He advises gold jewellery buyers to look for a jewelry that is well-loved by its owner.

“You have to look at the quality of the jewellery itself, and it can have a few little things that could have a huge effect on how the jeweller perceives the object,” he advises.

If you are planning to buy a gold-covered necklace or ring, then it’s recommended that you wear it at least twice a week, but preferably three times a week.

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