The golden age of Reddit gold

The golden era of Reddit, the social news site where users can upload videos, share photos, post comments and even vote on posts, is over.

The site is going the way of Twitter and Facebook, where users have to create accounts, create accounts and even pay for those accounts.

But Reddit is going one better and has added a new feature that allows users to vote on what content is displayed and which posts are voted up.

To use it, all you need to do is click the “Vote” button, and you can choose from several categories: news, movies, music, sports, fashion, beauty, gaming, and more.

Users will also be able to vote up posts that they want the site to display.

The system also allows for upvoting, in which users can upvote and downvote posts.

To vote on a post, just click on the “upvote” button and then the “downvote” or “delete” buttons.

To delete a post that you’ve voted up, simply click the delete button.

The vote is not permanent and will disappear when the user deletes their account, according to Reddit.

The golden years of Reddit’s golden age The system has been around for some time now.

Since it launched, Reddit has had over 6.6 million monthly unique users, according the site.

And it has been growing, according with the company.

But in the last year, Reddit lost over a third of its monthly unique visitors.

This comes after a long-time, slow decline.

For a long time, Reddit had an online community of more than 1.2 million users.

But that community is shrinking, as users flock to mobile devices, which are increasingly used to share content.

Reddit has been trying to make up for this loss by adding new features and tools, but the loss of the user base means it’s time for the site’s owners to move on, said Ben Thompson, senior VP of product and business development at Reddit.

“This is not going to happen overnight,” he said.

“It takes time, but it’s coming.

We’ll see if the community survives or dies.”

With Reddit, users will have a chance to vote to see what content they want displayed and upvote posts that are voted in, and what content will not be upvoted, according a post on the company’s site.

For example, if a user decides to upvote a post about their favorite TV shows, they can see a list of shows that they can vote up or down.

The post also has a countdown clock, which indicates how long it’s been since the post was upvisted, and can also be filtered for upvotes or downvotes.

And while Reddit has said that the system is still in beta, it says it has the “highest standards of security and integrity” in place.

“We take these things very seriously, and the fact that they have failed so far is really disappointing,” Thompson said.

What you need a tech reporter to understand about: Apple Pay: How Apple Pay works Apple has introduced a new way to pay with Apple Pay.

Users can now tap the NFC reader to make a payment.

This process is the same one used to pay at checkout, but instead of a card reader, the reader can read a chip in the tip.

Users are able to pay for purchases at a store using the chip and the store will automatically receive the chip.

Users also have the option to swipe the chip with their index finger to unlock a payment, but users should be careful when doing so.

The process is similar to how a regular debit card works, so it’s still best to swipe your index finger, Thompson said, to unlock the process.

But unlike a credit card, PayPal is only available in select cities.

The company said that PayPal customers can use their PayPal Wallet account to make purchases at restaurants and retail stores.

“PayPal Pay is available to PayPal customers worldwide, so they can use PayPal Pay to make their payments with PayPal,” a PayPal spokesperson said in a statement.

However, the spokesperson said that a majority of PayPal Pay transactions are made using PayPal’s mobile wallet app, which is not available for purchase.

The spokesperson said the company is “working to make PayPal Pay available in all 50 states as soon as possible.”

Google+ Hangouts: How Google+ works Google+ is a social networking app that lets users share photos and videos, chat and even post photos and comments to the site with others.

It was launched in 2011 and was a hot-selling social networking product.

Google+ was also known for its “social” features, such as sharing links from your own Google+ page.

But the company also introduced new features for users, like “instant” posting, which allowed users to create and manage an online group.

Google also introduced its own photo-sharing app, Google+, and the new photo-sharing feature was part of the app.

But Google+ also added features like “trending photos” and “photos from your calendar


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