When I got to the airport to fly home from Vegas, I didn’t want to take my dog with me -_-

My dog, Bella, was on a leash when she was picked up from the airport on Monday.

The dog’s owner, Lauren Gubic, told BuzzFeed News that Bella had been injured while trying to get her dog on a plane to Toronto for a visit.

Gubic said she had called the airport and asked if Bella was OK, to which the manager said yes.

She then told Gubig she was taking Bella home.

But when she arrived, she found that Bella was bleeding from the head.

“She was on the floor, on the ground, on her back, and she was just screaming for her mommy,” Guby said.

She called 911, but Gubice said she didn’t know how Bella got injured.

The owner told Guba she believed Bella had jumped off the plane, and the dog was found near the plane.

Gubice told BuzzFeed that she called police and they were able to revive Bella.

She said Bella was taken to the hospital and her owners had been in contact with the veterinarian, who performed surgery on her head and was treating her for hypothermia.

When the dog’s owners were able on Monday to visit Bella at the hospital, Gubie said, they were relieved.

Guba said that, in a way, she had saved Bella’s life.

I told them that I love my dog Bella, she said, and they loved that too.

Bella’s owner was also surprised to learn that her dog had been shot by police in a domestic dispute.

Gubi said that she was grateful that the dog wasn’t injured during the shooting.

What do you think about a dog’s life being taken by police and why?

Leave your thoughts in the comments below.

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