When is golden goose the best time to travel to Australia?

The golden goose is one of Australia’s most popular holidays.

Golden goose is the word for the northern Australian bird and the golden state is the name given to the region around the city of Perth.

According to the ABC, the golden goose has been on a massive roll since the late 1950s.

“Its been a real hit and its been a lot of fun.

There are a lot more people going out and celebrating than there were a few years ago,” said Golden State Warriors star Joel Selwood.

Selwood said he had been to Australia four times and loved it.

The Warriors star said the golden duck is one the most popular holiday events in the world.

While some people travel the Golden State to see the golden bird, others choose to celebrate with a picnic.

Cameron has taken a different approach.

He travelled to Australia on a tour that included a visit to Perth.

“When I was a kid, I went on my dad’s yacht and we went sailing around the coast of Queensland, visiting a lot,” Cameron said.

On his last trip, he said he found the golden birds in the water.

But, the Golden Warriors star has made sure he knows what he is missing.

“They are pretty amazing,” Cameron joked.

With more than 100 million people visiting Australia each year, the Gold Coast has been dubbed the ‘golden city of the north’.

Melbourne has also been dubbed Australia’s ‘goldest city’, according to the Tourism Council of Australia.

Melbournians can still celebrate the Golden Day with a trip to the beach and even watch the sun set over the Golden Coast.


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