Which of the following is the most popular ringtone?

I think the ringtone that gets the most attention is the one that is used by the popular ringtones from Spotify.

The top two ringtones have the most engagement.

The first ringtone is The White Stripes.

The second is Lady Gaga.

The third is Lady Luck.

The fourth is The Rolling Stones.

The fifth is the Beatles.

The sixth is The Eagles.

The seventh is The Beatles.

Finally, the eighth is The Black Keys.

I’m going to guess that’s the most-popular ringtone.

I think the second ringtone from Spotify is The Shins.

I’ve also heard that the top three ringtones are Lady Gaga, The White String, and The Rolling.

The top four ringtones by Spotify are: The Shines, The Beatles, The Rolling, and Lady Luck and I’m thinking Lady Luck would have to be the most played ringtone by Spotify.

As I’m typing this, the top four rings from Spotify are, The Shocks, The Roses, The Eagles, and Lorde.

So the top two are The Rolling and Lady-Luck, and the top five is The Stones, The Black Key, The Grateful Dead, The Stones’ All-Star Band, The Who, and My Morning Jacket.

My question is, which of these ringtones is the favorite ringtone of people that have no interest in music, and who have just been asked to be entertained?

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