Which of the new ‘smart’ shoes should you buy?

Here’s what you need to know about the new smart shoe.

Google says its new “smart” smart shoes will be the first of its kind to feature an optical sensor, so users can scan a QR code or NFC reader and check the shoes’ GPS, accelerometer, gyroscope, barometer and more to identify when they’ve worn them.

The new smart shoes also come with an accelerometer that can measure a person’s pace while walking.

They’ll come in two sizes, the 5.5-inch version and the 7.5.5 size.

As far as the shoes themselves go, Google says it can detect a variety of factors that help determine whether they’re a smart pair.

The first is whether the wearer has an injury, such as an ankle or wrist injury, or a concussion.

Google says that it will also be able to see how well the user wears the shoes and, when a user is injured, how much it affects the person.

This can include blood pressure, how tired the user is, and the number of times the user has walked in a week, according to the company.

Once it’s determined the smart shoe is smart, Google will ask a user to scan a code on a QR-reader that Google says will only work if the QR-code is encoded in a certain way.

That means the smart shoes won’t work if someone’s wearing a smart watch or other wearable device that has a GPS chip, like the Apple Watch.

Google’s smart shoes are meant to be worn in public for three to five days, and then will automatically wear out.

If they get wet or muddy, they’ll need to be washed or dry-cleaned, and Google says they’ll also need to come with a sensor to detect when they have been worn.

The company also says the shoes can only detect where the user walks, so it’ll only be able detect the steps taken on their feet.

A third, more important factor is the shoe’s shape, which Google says determines whether the user feels comfortable and confident wearing it.

Google says it hopes the new shoes will make walking in public a bit easier.

It’s also hoping that the new features will help people stay more active and stay fit by giving people more feedback about whether they feel comfortable walking.

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