Why are you crying?

A golden Labrador named Golden is mourning the loss of a family pet.

The dog’s owner has gone into shock after she posted a video of Golden sobbing in front of a television in which she is being interviewed about her family’s pet.

In the video, the Labrador can be heard crying out and how much she misses her family.

“I don’t know if she is going to survive,” a man can be seen crying in the background.

“Golden is a golden Labrador,” the woman can be overheard saying.

“A golden Labrador.

The video of the dog’s tearful reaction has since gone viral. “

It’s a beautiful golden Labrador and I hope she survives,” the man can also be heard saying.

The video of the dog’s tearful reaction has since gone viral.

It was posted on Instagram by owner Amanda Zuniga, who also owns the Golden Lab.

She told ABC News she was “terrified” and said she was upset and upset for the entire family.

Golden’s owner said she had been crying all night and when she awoke, she saw her dog laying on the ground.

“When I saw her, I felt like a total stranger.

She was very distressed,” Zunigas daughter said.

“She had a big black spot in her chest and her ears were all over her body.”

“She was just very upset,” she added.

“My dad said, ‘That dog has gone crazy, she’s crying all the time.

It’s heartbreaking.'”

The dog owner said Golden has been staying at her parents house for the past three months and is being well cared for.

“The family has been through a lot and we are not able to get out of the house anymore,” she said.

Zunigen said she has received many donations for the Golden’s care and that she was not going to give up hope.

“We are not going anywhere.

This is not a toy.

It is our Golden,” she told ABC.

The family’s dog was born with a genetic condition called spondyloarthritis, which is a condition that affects joints and muscle in the hips and shoulders.

“They have arthritis, and they have to go into therapy for a long time,” Zimigas family said.

The Golden was named after Golden Lab, a Labrador who was adopted from the United States.

“Her name is Golden, and she is the inspiration of our family,” the family said in a statement.

“For the past 10 years, Golden has cared for her family and our other animals and they are a blessing to us.

We have never thought she would become a part of our life.”

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