Why do some people think a gold name necklace is a great name for a gold star?

When the New York Islanders put the gold medal on their jersey back in 2011, it was a big deal.

It was a symbol of the franchise’s success, and a sign that it would be the first to win a Stanley Cup.

But there was something else about the design that many fans didn’t understand.

“I mean, there are a lot of people that don’t understand what gold means, but there’s definitely a lot that don´t understand what a gold medal is,” said Chris Tognon, the Islanders captain and captain’s son, at the time.

It was just a fancy name.

The gold name was just part of the name.

“And Tognons mother, who was a hockey player herself, was not among them.

When Tognone, now a senior marketing analyst for Major League Soccer, decided to create his own design, he had to make sure it didn’t offend people.

He went to his mother and asked her to create a name for him.”

That´s what we did, we went out and found names for all of the players and put them on a piece of paper,” Tognoni said.

The name he chose was “Ace.”

Tognoni’s name was on the back of the jersey and the back was the name of the team.

The team was also on the front, so the name would match up with the jersey.”

It was all in good fun,” Tobi said.”

We were just trying to make a little bit of money, I guess.

“The name has stuck, and Tobi is one of the best-known hockey names in the world.

The Isles have won four Stanley Cups in the last eight years, and they’ve won four more in the past two seasons.

Tobi says he never felt like he was being judged for his name, but he does think it was wrong for him to be wearing it.”

Ace was just something that I was doing, and that wasn’t something that was given to me, it just came to me,” Todini said.

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